In-orbit demonstration of your technology

The GreenBox service from R-Space is a dedicated In-orbit Demonstration and In-Orbit Validation (IOV) service. The form factor of the satellite bus is similar to a 2U CubeSat. The bus was designed for IOD/IOV purpose only and reduces the satellite's complexity to a minimum.  

1. Feasability Assessment

Signature of a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Exchange of major interface and requirement information. Negotiation of service components.

2. Contract Signature

Signature of service agreement. Exchange of detailed requirements and interface control documents. Customer receives the PAU and starts integration and tests.

3. PAU Delivery

Customer finished integration of their technology into the PAU and passes all functional testing. The PAU is delivered back to R-Space.

4. PAU Integration

R-Space receives the PAU with integrated customer technology. Following an integration and test review, R-Space is integrating the PAU in the satellite bus.

5. Satellite Qualification

R-Space is conducting all necessary environmental testing on satellite level. Customer receives all test results.

6. Launch

R-Space conducts the flight readiness review and delivers the satellite with the customers technology to the launch provider. Launch!

7. Operation

R-Space is operating the satellite. Customer reveives telemetry from the experiment. Operation is reviewed and adjusted in weekly meetings with the customer. 

8. Successful End of Mission

Following the collection of all required data, R-Space will initiate the removal of the satellite from orbit.

GreenBox is fast

Are you developing the space technology for tomorrow but need to test it in orbit today? R-Space, with its unique GreenBox service, will ensure that your technology is in orbit within 6 months. 

GreenBox is simple

The GreenBox service is simple to use, even for companies which have no experience or expertise in spacecrafts or spacecraft operation. You provide your technology and we take care of the rest. Yes, it can be that easy.

GreenBox is flexible

Independent of the type of technology you need to test in space, the flexibility of the GreenBox will serve you well. Electronic components or complete subsystems, mechanism or advanced material testing, the GreenBox is the right choice.