Succeed in space

In the last decade, doing business in space has changed dramatically. Many new opportunities have opened up, but competition in this field is fierce. Time to market is more essential than ever before. Being the first in orbit to successfully demonstrate a new technology ensures success on the market. R-Space understands this and helps you to achieve this before your competitor can.


You need a ride?
GreenBox is the fast way to space!

GreenBox is fast

Are you developing the space technology for tomorrow but need to test it in orbit today? R-Space, with its unique GreenBox service, will ensure that your technology is in orbit within 6 months. 

GreenBox is simple

The GreenBox service is simple to use, even for companies which have no experience or expertise in spacecrafts or spacecraft operation. You provide your technology and we take care of the rest. Yes, it can be that easy.

GreenBox is flexible

Independent of the type of technology you need to test in space, the flexibility of the GreenBox will serve you well. Electronic components or complete subsystems, mechanism or advanced material testing, the GreenBox is the right choice.  

The founders

We, the founders of R-Space, have many years of professional experience in research and development (R&D) in Aerospace Engineering. During our work, we have seen amazing and innovative space technology never leaving the ground due to a lack of flight opportunities, i.e. in-orbit demonstrations (IOD) or in-orbit validations (IOV). We consider the lack of IOD/IOV opportunities to be one of the major bottlenecks for innovation in space. Following our work on a successful CubeSat project we decided to exploit the standardization of CubeSats and develop a dedicated IOD/IOV CubeSat which is simpler and more flexible then everything else on the market. Our satellite design in combination with our customer-oriented service, called GreenBox service, allows companies even with little to no satellite experience, to use this service and get their technology into space within 6 months.